OrCam MyEye

The beginning of a new era for people with Low Vision.


In the last edition of this newsletter, we introduced the OrCam MyEye, the new wearable reading device that sits discreetly on your reading glasses.


The response has been extraordinary and it has been capturing the attention of people all around Australia, in newspapers on television and radio. Most importantly there have been many people with Low Vision that have discovered just how powerful and life-changing OrCam MyEye can be.


Tim Connell, the CEO of Quantum recently said “I have been working in this field for over 30 years and I have never seen a product make such an impact in such a short period of time. It is very exciting to be at the beginning of what is definitely a whole new era for accessing information. We have people from 16 right through to 95 years of age who have found that OrCam is simple to use, and that it really works, opening up their world of reading again.”


Here is a story from a user in her own words.


Meet Jan Read OrCam user from Narrawallee NSW.  Jan has had her OrCam MyEye for 2 months and spoke to us recently about the most exciting experience with her OrCam so far.  She told us it was at the local hairdressers where she read a magazine for the first time in many many years.


Jan said “I am now reading lengthy magazines and newspapers; a highlight is reading the local newspaper which is a particular joy for me as I can keep in touch with my local community, a vital activity for anyone living in a rural town”


Jan also suffers from arthritis in her hands and has recently found using a handheld magnifier difficult as it requires holding and moving the device for extended periods.

Jan Read is demonstrating Orcam that reads for her.

Jan Read is demonstrating Orcam that reads for her.


However Jan has found that by using the point and read feature of OrCam it is much easier and far more comfortable to read, and really helps minimise the pain and discomfort of arthritis.


OrCam is helping Jan to read much more than she has in a long time, despite her failing vision. Contact us if you would like to try OrCam yourself.