OrCam MyEye

This is an extract of an article in the Daily Mail (UK) by VINCENT GRAFF November 2016 describing the amazing new OrCam MyEye reading aid.


If users of OrCam MyEye don’t already wear glasses, when they wear the device they’ll need a ‘dummy’ pair of spectacles with clear glass so that the camera has something to attach to. In my case, I swapped my own spectacles for clear glass ones so that I wouldn’t be able to read a word — normally I am dependent on my glasses.


And once I had the device in place I barely noticed it was there.


So how well does OrCam MyEye work? In my experience, very well — most of the time. Show it a paperback book and it reads it perfectly every time.  Every time you turn the page, you point at the first line, and OrCam MyEye begins reading again.


OrCam MyEye also copes well when it is shown words in rather more exotic locations: a restaurant menu on a chalk board, for example. And the intonation is much better than I’d expected. It reads your book to you in easy-to-understand human sentences.


Rather. Than. Just. Speaking. Words. At. You. This isn’t to say that it gets everything right first time. Newspapers can be a challenge. It’s only when you use a device like this that you realise how clever our eyes and brains are.


For example, as you read this, you will know to follow the words down to the bottom of one column and then to jump up to the top of the next one (rather than reading all the words horizontally across the page).


Amazingly, OrCam MyEye knows this too.




OrCam MyEye  is making a huge impact all around the world, and creating a great deal of excitement for everyone working in the Low Vision field.  And it is not just people with Low Vision that are benefitting. We have customers who are totally blind, and also increasing interest from people who can’t read due to dyslexia and other cognitive issues.


Contact us if you want to try OrCam MyEye for yourself. We guarantee you will be amazed. Also keep tuned for an OrCam roadshow later this year – coming to a town near you!