No Excuses! Become a Computer Boffin Now!!

Anyone with grandchildren today will know that they can only be communicated with via the computer! Ring up any government department and they will tell you to look at the website, and just about every advertisement tells us that the full details are available online! What happens if you don’t use a computer?


For some seniors, especially those with low vision, becoming a computer boffin is a challenge that can be too great. Well, that is about to change.


The Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA) is committed to providing opportunities and training to Australian seniors to participate actively in the world of computers. ASCCA has recognised the increasing numbers of people who are members of existing clubs or who wish to join a club, who have vision loss from eye diseases such as macular degeneration.


ASCCA and Quantum are very pleased to announce a new exciting project where Quantum will provide copies of the Guide software to 10 ASCCA clubs at no cost.

Guide software main menu screen shot

Guide software main menu screen shot


Guide is software that has been developed for seniors by Dolphin Computer Access (UK). Guide is useful for all seniors, independent of whether they have vision loss, as it simplifies the regular computer screen down to a numbered list, and it can be displayed in large print as well as speak. All of the typical functions people want to use a computer for are in this list, and it will guide the user; to look at a website for example it will tell you, “Press number 3” (see picture).


As part of this project, anyone interested will be able to purchase their copy of Guide
through ASCCA at a reduced price. They will also receive training from ASCCA volunteers
who have been trained to use Guide.

Tim Connell, Diane Brentnall, and Nan Bosler

Tim Connell (Quantum Managing Director), Diane Brentnall (ASCCA’s Training Coordinator), and Nan Bosler (President of ASCCA)


“This is a win-win for all concerned” said Nan Bosler, President of ASCCA. And hopefully it will be the open door through which many more seniors can participate in the world of computers.


If you would like more information please contact your local Seniors Computer Club or their head office on (02) 9286 3871. You can always contact us here at Quantum as well if you need additional information.