New version of MAGic 12

Freedom Scientific has just released a new version of MAGic, version 12.0.7002 (January 2014). Please find what is new and fixed in this version:


– An Issue with the NUMPAD MINUS hotkey not reducing panning speed when moving vertically in a document has been resolved.

– Cursor tracking performance has been improved when using terminal emulator applications such as PASSPORT.

– Resolved an issue where the Spotlighting drawn during speech functions would remain visible when a Web page was scrolled using the mouse wheel. This was observed in Internet Explorer 10.

– Resolved stability issues created when trying to print from a Web browser or a document containing text copied from a Web page.

– Improved MAGic stability when working in Microsoft Word.

– Panning to the left, right, top, or bottom of the screen when running Microsoft Excel is now functioning correctly.

– When navigating the Inbox in Microsoft Outlook, center tracking no longer moves left or right as you press the ARROW keys to move through messages. This allows you to navigate through the messages while visually viewing a specific column of the list view. For example, you are visually focused on the Subject column even though you have columns to the left.

– Resolved an issue with application specific changes to Voice Profiles settings not being saved after closing the application.

– Customized Voice Profiles are now retained when you restore MAGic’s factory settings.

– Resolved an issue where MAGic would not delete multiple characters when pressing and holding the BACKSPACE key.