New version of JAWS, 15.0.6025

Freedom Scientific have released a new version of JAWS. Please see below the list of improvements made in this release.



* Resolved several issues related to JAWS and UI Automation.
* When performing a search from the Windows 8.1 Start Screen, addressed
issues where the search term you entered as well as search results were not
being displayed in braille.
* When you press INSERT+UP ARROW from the Search pane of the Windows 8.1
Start Screen, braille now shows the same information that is spoken.
* If you open the Windows 8.1 Start Screen and begin typing a search
term using the keyboard on a braille display, resolved an issue where the
first character typed was ignored or changed.
* Resolved an issue with an empty virtual buffer being displayed when
attempting to use the Virtual Ribbon in Windows Explorer.
* When activating the Restore Default Settings button in the Beginner,
Intermediate, and Advanced Preferences dialog boxes, addressed an issue with
certain items not being reset to factory settings as expected.
* Many of the Surf’s training Web pages have been updated to provide the
latest information on navigating the Web using JAWS.
* Addressed a reported issue where JAWS would not play a sound as
expected at the top or bottom of a document in Notepad even when the Top and
Bottom Edge was set to Alert With Sound in Quick Settings.
* Improved how JAWS reads in the Windows 7 Customize Notification Area
dialog box.
* Resolved an issue in the JAWS Keyboard Manager where JAWS would say
“list view” after every item while navigating the list of applications.
* Updated INSERT+F1 help messages for various controls in the
PlaceMarkers dialog box (CTRL+SHIFT+K).
* Updated the INSERT+F1 help message for the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
Start Screen to provide information on navigating using the Touch Cursor.
* If you lock your workstation during a Remote Desktop session and a
braille display is connected, addressed a reported issue where dots on the
braille display would continuously move up and down.
* Resolved an issue where changes to the dot firmness, position of
status cells, and word wrap settings were not being saved when configured
through the Braille page of the Startup Wizard.
* JAWS now automatically reads the Force Windows Shutdown dialog box
that is displayed when you attempt to shut down or restart Windows 8 while
multiple applications are still running.
* In the Table Layer for the laptop keyboard layout (CAPS LOCK+SPACEBAR,
T), you can now use CAPS LOCK+COMMA to read the current cell and
ALT+SHIFT+PERIOD to move to the previous cell.

* Updated the tutor message for tab controls to instruct users to use
the ARROW keys instead of CONTROL+TAB to move between pages.
Microsoft Excel

* Resolved a reported issue with JAWS not reporting the correct colors
in a cell using the INSERT+NUMBER ROW 5 keystroke.
* Resolved an issue with using Quick Settings to configure braille to
show the entire row or column not working correctly.
Microsoft Internet Explorer

* Addressed a customer reported issue with Skim Reading rules using
colors and attributes not working as expected.
* If an item in the Document Regions dialog box (CTRL+SHIFT+R) does not
contain any items underneath it, it will no longer be shown as open in the
Regions tree view.
* Addressed issues with the Headings Announce option in Quick Settings
not working as expected.
* Resolved an issue in both Internet Explorer and Firefox where lines
containing check boxes or radio buttons were showing as blank on a braille
display using Line Mode.
* When using SHIFT+DOWN ARROW to select multiple lines of text, resolved
an issue where pressing SHIFT+UP ARROW once was not unselecting the last
line as expected.
Microsoft Office

* When navigating to the Language list box in the Options dialog box in
a Microsoft Office 2013 application, resolved an issue where JAWS was not
announcing this control or displaying it in braille.
* Resolved an issue with braille not displaying the “LRBN” abbreviation
as expected to indicate in braille that you are on the lower ribbon.
* Addressed a reported issue where it was not possible to navigate
through the entire File menu in Office 2007 with Virtual Ribbons enabled.
* Resolved an issue where edit combo controls on the lower ribbon were
not displaying their control types in braille.
Microsoft Outlook

* When navigating through appointments in the Outlook 2013 calendar
using the TAB key, resolved an issue where JAWS was not reading the selected
* JAWS no longer speaks extraneous information while moving between
ribbons while in an open message.
* Improved table navigation in virtualized messages that contain
non-uniform tables.
* The Language Detect Change option in Quick Settings is now enabled by
default. This means that if you receive a message that was composed in
another language, such as Spanish, and your synthesizer includes a Spanish
voice, it will automatically switch to that voice to read the message.
* Resolved an issue with the Spanish version of JAWS where the braille
abbreviation for a meeting cancelation was not being displayed.
* When creating a new contact or viewing an existing one, JAWS now reads
the content in the File As edit combo field.
* While navigating in the dialog box for a new or existing contact in
Outlook 2013, JAWS no longer repeats the window title when you navigate to a
control that includes a “…” in the control name.
* JAWS now correctly indicates a task request in Outlook 2010 and 2013.
* Resolved an issue in Outlook 2013 where pressing SHIFT+TAB to move
from the Preview Pane to the message list was causing JAWS to also read the
window title.
* Addressed issues with selected text not being copied to the clipboard
as expected in certain types of e-mail messages.
* If you are reading a virtualized message in the Preview Pane and you
press CTRL+D to delete it, resolved an issue where the virtual buffer was
not automatically refreshing to display the next message.
* Resolved issues navigating the File menu in Outlook 2010 when Virtual
Ribbons are enabled.
* Addressed a customer reported issue with not being able to access
submenus in situations when the lower ribbon automatically gains focus when
the ribbon is first opened and Virtual Ribbons are enabled. For instance,
when you open the ribbon from the Outlook Search Pane, the lower ribbon
automatically gains focus instead of the upper ribbon.
* Updated the keyboard help messages in Outlook for the ALT+UP ARROW and
ALT+DOWN ARROW keystrokes to state that they move to the previous or next
week in the calendar.
* If you have inserted a link into an editable message, JAWS now
indicates when you enter or exit the link field as you navigate by character
or word.
Microsoft Word

* You can now use the cursor routing buttons on your braille display to
select or clear check boxes in Word forms.
* When focus is on a comment in a document and you press
ALT+SHIFT+APOSTROPHE twice quickly to display the text of the comment in the
Virtual Viewer, the text in the document that the comment applies to will
now also be included. This allows you to view both the comment and its
associated text without having to navigate away from the comment.
* If you press WINDOWS Key+SEMICOLON to open a Virtual Viewer window
displaying all comments, footnotes, endnotes, or revisions in a document as
links, pressing INSERT+F7 will now open the Links List dialog box as
* If the last cell in a table only contains one line, resolved an issue
where JAWS would not read the first line below the table unless you
performed a Say Line command (INSERT+UP ARROW).
* A flash message is no longer displayed while navigating by words and a
bookmark is encountered.
* JAWS no longer announces access keys as you navigate through controls
in the Word 2013 Proofing pane, or when you press SHIFT+NUM PAD 5 to speak
the access key for the current item. Access keys are not available in this
* When you navigate to the Language combo box in the Word 2013 Proofing
pane, removed some extra speech that was not needed.
* When you activate a button in the Word 2013 Proofing pane, such as
Change or Ignore, resolved an issue where JAWS was not announcing the button
with focus after the next error was found.
* Pressing a braille display cursor router button while positioned on a
hyperlink in a document in Word 2013 will now activate the link as expected.
* When indenting or outdenting list levels in a bulleted or numbered
list, resolved an issue with the measurements not being displayed as
expected in braille.
* Resolved issues with column and row titles not being read as expected
after turning on the Define Bookmark Table Column and Row Titles Override
option in Quick Settings and then specifying different column and row titles
to announce.
* Addressed a reported issue where JAWS was not announcing the
description text in the Export tab control in Word 2013.
Mozilla Firefox

* Resolved an issue where check boxes were being indicated twice in
* JAWS now supports the aria-owns attribute. This attribute allows a Web
page author to specify the logical structure of the page that will be
presented by assistive technology regardless of the HTML structure of the
* Addressed issues with JAWS double speaking various controls on Web
pages under certain circumstances.
* When pressing ALT+LEFT ARROW to go back a page, resolved an issue
where the PC Cursor would be active instead of the Virtual PC Cursor until
you pressed the TAB key. This only occurred on certain Web pages.
* If a tree view item contains a language attribute, resolved an issue
where JAWS was not automatically switching to the specified language.
* To help improve navigation on Web pages, JAWS no longer announces the
beginning or end of empty regions. In addition, empty regions are no longer
included in the Document Regions dialog box (CTRL+INSERT+R) and can no
longer be moved to using Navigation Quick Key R. This has also been
addressed for Internet Explorer.
Visual Studio

* Addressed a reported issue with JAWS not reading the contents of
various text boxes in Visual Studio 2013.
* Addressed a customer reported issue with braille not working as
expected while selecting text.
* Addressed a customer reported issue where pressing cursor routing
buttons on the braille display were not working as expected to move to a
location on the screen in Visual Studio 2012.
Windows Live Mail

* Resolved an issue with JAWS not indicating when an e-mail contains an



Below are the direct download links for the latest Jaws 15.0.6025 update for
both 32 & 64 bit systems and enhancements:

32 bit systems:

64 bit systems: