New Mid-Size Portable Magnifier – the Compact 7 HD

One of the simple facts about reading and magnification is that a bigger screen is better, because you can fit more text on it. The more text there is, the more legible it is to read. So the multitude of small hand held devices are great for small amounts of reading, what we call “spot reading”, but are less useful if you want to read a book (what we call “extended reading”).


Small devices are portable, and big screens aren’t. So there has been a need for a compromise, which has arrived in the form of the Compact 7 HD.

Compact 7 HD placed on a magazine


This new addition to the Optelec Compact range of handheld magnifiers provides a 7-inch high definition screen. It is a good midway point between handheld and desktop units and will provide on-the-go reading as it can be easily carried. It has two reading modes and a sturdy leather carry case is included.


With a single button press, the Compact 7 HD unfolds and turns itself on. To use it you simply push it around the page; no more having to hold your portable magnifier at just the right height.


For more information on the Compact 7 HD, please visit our website.


Call your local office if you would like a demonstration.