New German Compact Magnifier

The Mezzo Desktop magnifier has been around for a few years and has proven to be very popular because of its small size and light weight.


Reinecker (Germany) the manufacturer of Mezzo has just announced a new up-dated version of Mezzo, that will also appeal to anyone with limited desk space. Known as the Mezzo Vario it has a 19” screen and a new anti-glare lighting system. With a magnification range from 1x to 100x in full high definition picture quality, even small characters will be displayed in pin sharp picture quality with no light reflections. Also high glossy papers, magazines and three dimensional objects can be viewed clearly. When writing or doing cross words, neither shadows nor reflections reduce the reading experience.

Woman reading with new Mezzo Vario

New Mezzo Vario


As with older versions of Mezzo, the new Mezzo Vario retains its small footprint making it ideal where living space is limited. At 6.3kgs it is still movable from room to room and can be folded down for storage or transportation.

The new 19” screen is larger but can still rotate 90 degrees, allowing for columns in a newspaper to be displayed comfortably.


New Mezzo Vario