Mountbatten Braille Whisperer

For just over a quarter of a century the Mountbatten Brailler has been making a huge contribution to the education of young children who use Braille.


And it has continued to grow. Little did we know back when we first developed it in the late 1980’s that the Mountbatten Brailler would evolve in such dramatic and useful ways. Wireless connection to a computer was pure science fiction back then!


Now students can use Braille in a regular classroom setting and be totally integrated, writing, reading and sharing information in both Braille and print. And the new Mountbatten Whisperer now achieves all that while making very little noise. No wonder it is called the quiet achiever!


For early learners and their teachers, the Mountbatten offers connectivity, resources and software to support flexible teaching and individual educational needs.


The audio response reinforces learning and facilitates autonomous learning. Mounbatten’s ergonomic light-touch keyboard is suitable even for very young children. Interaction with mainstream devices like iOS or Android brings children with visual impairments even closer to their peers and families. The very low noise of the Braille Whisperer facilitates full classroom inclusion, and it is much much quieter than older models and Perkins braillers. . The Whisperer is also the fastest electronic Brailler.A long-lasting battery allows for even more flexibility in a general education classroom or anywhere you want your children to interact with Braille.


Connect the QWERTY keyboard, interface with your PC or Mac computers via USB, connect wirelessly with your iOS or Android device to enjoy all benefits of a quiet yet potent Mountbatten Whisperer. MB-Comm and MBMimic apps come handy when you are in need for embossing a document, homework, or a letter. Additional communication features like the ‘Whiteboard’ or ‘Chat’ enrich your communication activities.



Speech; Battery operation; Multiple languages; Two-way print and Braille conversion; USB or wireless communication  with mainstream devices; Embossing; Braille graphics capabilities.



– Dimensions: 12 x 24 x 45 cm;

– Weight: 4.7 kg;

– Power: Rechargeable internal battery;

– Battery life: 20 hours standard use, 5 hours embossing   mode;

– Paper: Standard office paper, 80 gsm to Braille paper 140 gsm;

– Languages: Available range of  languages and braille codes including UEBC;

– Comes with: Battery charger, starter pack 80 gsm A4 paper, MB-Comm software (MBMimic available on AppStore and Play Google store)

– Optional: external PC QWERTY keyboard.


Mountbatten Whisperer pc

Trials and Demonstrations


The Mountbatten Whisperer has been in high demand since it was released last year.


From February 2016 we will have demonstration units available for trials with your students and loans for evaluation. Call or email us to arrange your own demonstration.