More than One Tool in This Toolbox!

Joe Moharich is an active 78 year old living in Brisbane who recently purchased a number of Quantum aids and has been so pleased with them and his customer experience that he happily agreed to give a testimonial for this edition of Livewire.


Like many active people in his age group, getting Macular Degeneration has been a big blow – Joe had to give up driving his beloved car, and was struggling to keep up with his many interests.


After a highly successful career in the helicopter and aviation industries, Joe is still keen to keep abreast of developments in the world, through newspapers, magazines, and the internet.




Joe visited the Quantum showroom at Wickham Terrace Brisbane one afternoon and so began a whirlwind introduction to some wonderful reading devices.  After a series of discussions and home visits, Joe purchased the equipment he needed – a Clearview C Wideview Speech for his newspapers (see article on page 1), and an OrCam MyReader for reading whilst out and about (see page 2).


Joe says “You have to use a variety of aids. I still get a benefit from the jeweller’s loupe I carry in my pocket, but I need the Clearview for my main reading. It’s terrific. The Orcam is a more sociable device, for example for reading at the family breakfast table.


My kids joke “Dad, you have all the gear, and no idea” but secretly they are rather impressed that I’m doing so well with all this stuff.”


Joe has offered to chat to anybody in a similar predicament, maybe struggling to get to grips with all the new technology available.  The friendly staff at our Brisbane office will put you in touch with him.



Most low vision toolboxes will contain at least one hand-held optical magnifier. Find out what is going to work best for you.