Making Websites Accessible to People Who Don’t Use Assistive Technology

When we talk about accessibility, most of the time we are thinking of people that already have AT tools like screen readers. Recent studies in the US and Europe have shown that there are large numbers of people who struggle to read print but don’t have access to accessibility tools. To reach these people, webmasters are increasingly looking for tools that they can incorporate into their websites, so they can provide access for all.


BrowseAloud Plus is just such a product. It is installed into your website and adds high quality speech and reading support tools to extend the reach of your website to the 46% of the population who struggle to read. This includes those with:

– Dyslexia

– Literacy Difficulties

– English as a Second Language (ESL)

– Mild Visual Impairments


Website visitors browsing the web from their Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac can utilise BrowseAloud Plus and benefit from the reading support that suits their individual needs and preferences, whether they are At Home, In the Office or On the Go.


Key Benefits to Website Owners

– Reach a Wider Audience

– Reduce Costs

– Help Compliance with Legal Obligations

– Reduce Barriers on the Web

– Improve Access to your Website for all.

– Demonstrate Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility


Key User Benefits

– Zero Implementation and Zero Download

– Compatibility with all Major Browsers and Devices

– High Quality Voices (incl. multilingual)

– Secure Web Page and PDF Reading

– Automatic Updates

– Free to the End User


What it Reads

– All Accessible Content

– ALT Tags Behind Pictures

– Accessible Flash and JavaScript

– Online PDF Documents

– Secure HTTPS Web Pages

– Online Form Fields

– Intranets and Extranets

– Social Media Pages (such as Twitter)

– Search Results Pages (such as Google)


BrowseAloud Plus reads website content out loud in a high quality, human-sounding voice.

Each word is highlighted as it is read aloud and the sentence is highlighted in a contrasting colour. This allows users to easily identify what text is being read aloud and navigate within and between web pages.


Most importantly BrowseAloud Plus is free to website visitors, there’s no download and the user interface is intuitive and easy to use.


Settings menu

Settings menu


Recommended Browsers & Platforms

– Internet Explorer 8 and greater (IE9 or greater for PDF Reading and Simplifier)

– Firefox (latest release)

– Chrome (latest release)

– Mac: Safari (latest release)

– iOS: Safari (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, latest release)

– Android: Chrome (Android v3 and greater)


There are different pricing structures dependent on the type of organisation so please give us a call today to find out how you can transform your website into a welcoming environment for all.