Making information accessible to all – EasyConverter

EasyConverter creates alternative format (Large Print, MP3 audio, DAISY talking book and Braille) versions of learning materials and other documents.


Schools, tertiary organisations and government departments can now have their paper documents PDF files, MS Word and text files transformed into alternative formats that suit each individuals needs.


EasyConverter will create files in Braille, large print, MP3 audio or DAISY formats at the click of a button.


The software will save hours of time in converting information for people who can’t access traditional formats due to blindness, low vision or learning disabilities such as dyslexia. EasyConverter will:

– quickly and easily create DAISY, Braille, Large Print, text and MP3 files, with minimal training.

– handle a wide range of input files including Word and PDF documents, HTML and text

– scan paper documents and simply convert them to an alternative format of choice

– effortlessly manipulate graphics and diagrams, and add text, audio or Braille descriptions where considered beneficial

– enable the user to choose an automatic creation option or edit the intermediary file to suit their need

– allow intuitive and intelligent large print conversion, carefully handling page breaks, headings, graphics and other original formatting features

– act as a simple to use, yet powerful tool that saves hours of laborious manual conversion.