Living Successfully with Low Vision!

Low vision aids


There are many arguments for supporting seniors being able to obtain appropriate vision aids, but the biggest one would have to be economic.


Using the right vision aids many people can continue to live independently and to ‘age in place’. The alternative is much higher levels of care in supported living, and with that comes much higher costs to government.


Many people on the pension and with lower incomes simply cannot afford the vision aids they need. Unlike hearing aids there are very few options to support people losing their vision to remain independent and active.


This is such a serious issue and we urge you to talk to your local politicians, seniors and community groups. We need lots of voices to be heard calling for easier access to vision aids.


Aged Care Update

With the advent of the NDIS, much attention is being focussed on the injustice of people over 65 not being eligible for NDIS funding.


The National Aged Care Alliance (NACA) is a representative body of peak national organisations in aged care, including consumer groups, providers, unions and health professionals, working together to determine a more positive future for aged care in Australia.


Recently NACA released a policy statement that supports securing access to assistive technologies, vision aids and equipment in the aged care area:


Older people (including those with a disability) must have access to affordable aids and equipment to support their inclusion in society, their quality of life and independence. This may require providing earlier access to these products as a preventative measure.  Age should not be a barrier to equitable access to the range of aids and equipment schemes.


What Does Science Tell Us?

“The prompt implementation of low vision aids in patients with macular degeneration will help them to maintain and regain their reading ability, which can lead to an increase in independence, communication, mental agility and quality of life.”


Nguyen, Weismann and Trauzettel-Klosinski . Low Vision Clinic and Research Laboratory, Centre of Ophthalmology, University of Tuebingen, Germany (Acta Ophthalmologica, Volume 87, Issue 8, Jan 2009)