JAWS 17 – New Features!

Smart Navigation, More Efficient Interaction with Complex Web Pages and Applications, Use with Touch Screens, Windows 10 and more!



Jaws 17 contains a wide range of enhancements and new features, maintaining its place as the leading screen reading software.


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Smart Navigation

The new Smart Navigation™ feature is designed to make it more efficient when navigating web-based applications with the Virtual Cursor


New Sound Indication for Links

As you navigate by line with Smart Navigation active, JAWS plays a sound if the current line contains one or more links that would generally be displayed on separate lines when you are not in Smart Navigation. This sound helps you identify that a link exists and gives you a chance to pause to hear about it or use TAB or theARROW keys to move to it.


Use Settings Center to Configure Settings for a Specific Website

In JAWS 17, you can now apply settings changes to a specific website domain using Settings Center. For instance, if you use Smart Navigation and you have a particular website where you would prefer not to have this feature active, you can open Settings Center from the current site and turn it off. Smart Navigation will continue working on all other websites.


New Options Added to Startup Wizard

The Startup Wizard contains a series of pages that allow users to quickly configure some of the more commonly used JAWS options including speech settings, startup options, keyboard settings, verbosity options, and Braille settings (including language, output and input).


Create Domain-Specific Scripts for Web Pages and Web Applications

JAWS 17 extends the scripting functionality to enable you to create scripts that only load when a particular website is being accessed (such as Google Docs), so you can customize a web page or application to your specific needs


Liblouis Braille Translator Now Included for English

JAWS 17 has switched to the popular and widely accepted open-source Liblouis Braille translator. This new translation now offers both contracted and uncontracted Unified English Braille (UEB) and the more traditional Contracted English Braille (CEB) when reading and writing. Starting in 2016, UEB will become the standard in the United States. Switching now to Liblouis will ensure JAWS offers the latest standards for UEB translation.


New in JAWS: Touch Screen Support In JAWS 17,  touch screen support has been enhanced by providing access to the Windows touch keyboard as well as adding the ability to edit and select text in documents, messages, or web pages right from the touch screen, and notify on tablet orientation.


Windows 10

You can now use the JAWS table reading commands (CTRL+ALT+ARROW keys) to navigate the tiles in the Windows 10 Start menu.



Jaws Training


Quantum offers a number of options for training on JAWS. We can provide individualised training for a student, or teacher that wants to refresh their skills. We also provide group training via webinar.


Call us to discuss what options will suit you.