JAWS 16 Released!

JAWS 16 released! What’s new in JAWS 16?


Below are some of the features and improvements in JAWS version 16. For a full list with more details visit




JAWS Command Search
JAWS has literally hundreds of commands to perform different tasks and to give the user information about what’s happening on the screen. No one could possibly remember them all so a new feature was added to help you find them. The JAWS Command Search allows you to find a command based on key words you enter.



Standard Licenses become “Home Use Edition”
If you had JAWS Standard Edition you will now be changed to the new JAWS Home Edition. The limitations on using only the Windows Home versions is no longer in place. All versions of Windows will now be open to you. You can continue to use JAWS Home Edition as long as you’re using JAWS only on your home computer or a laptop. JAWS Professional Edition is now for schools, the work place, etc.


Semi Automatic Forms Mode
If you have Auto Forms Mode enabled, JAWS automatically enters Forms Mode when you move to an edit field using the ARROW Keys, or TAB and SHIFT+TAB. With Semi-Auto Forms Mode, JAWS will only turn on Forms Mode automatically when you move to an edit field using TAB or SHIFT+TAB.



Improved Convenient OCR for PDF Documents
The Convenient OCR feature has been around for a couple of years now and is useful for reading any page or screen with graphical text. Normally JAWS can’t access this kind of content. JAWS 16 now allows you to OCR an entire PDF regardless of how many pages it is. The results are displayed in the Virtual Viewer where you can copy them to Notepad or a Word document if you wish.



Improved JAWS Performance with Microsoft Word 2013 using UIA
JAWS now takes full advantage of the UIA (User Interface Automation) support in Microsoft Word 2013 to offer more robust performance when using Word. You will notice a significant increase in responsiveness when navigating and editing documents.



Windows XP no longer supported
In April 2014 Microsoft discontinued support and development of Windows XP. Freedom Scientific now does the same. From JAWS 16 on, Windows XP is no longer supported. Earlier versions of JAWS will continue to work on XP. For 16 you will need at least Windows Vista or later.



The JAWS 16 upgrade is an SMA release and can be downloaded as either a 32- or 64-bit version from this page.
JAWS Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) Renewal Time

If you currently have an SMA which will expire with the release of JAWS 16 and you wish to renew your SMA again this year, you will have until Wednesday 31 December 2014 to purchase your SMA at a discounted rate.


The prices are as follows:

 JAWS Professional JAWS Home (Standard)
 Price until 31 December 2014 $360 $230
 Price after 31 December 2014 $450 $325

These prices are for individual SMA users only.


If you currently have an SMA, your JAWS 16 Program DVD will be shipped to you within the next few weeks. If you do not receive it by 10 December 2014, please email us at info@quantumrlv.com.au