JAWS 15 March Update Released

The March update for JAWS 15.0.8021 has been released. This is an Automatic Update for all JAWS 15 English, German, and Spanish customers. You may review the list of changes below and download the build now from the links below.


Enhancements in JAWS 15.0.8021 (March 2014)


The following is a list of improvements made between this release and the JAWS 15.0.7023 posting.



– Addressed a reported issue with JAWS not working as expected when launching programs created with the Ruby programming language.

– Updated the information in the JAWS Help topics for Microsoft Word and Excel to more accurately reflect the available options in the Word Settings and Excel Settings groups in Quick Settings.

– Updated the help topic for the Startup Wizard to include all of the available options on the Braille page.


Microsoft Excel

– In Excel 2010, addressed an issue where attempting to change values in the Scale edit spin box, located in the Scale to Fit submenu of the Page Layout tab, was not working as expected with the Virtual Ribbon enabled.

– If an Excel workbook is attached to an E-mail message and you open the file from within the message, JAWS will now announce that the workbook is in Protected View.


Microsoft Internet Explorer

– Addressed issues with navigating ARIA menus on certain Web pages using Internet Explorer 11.


Microsoft Outlook

– Resolved a customer reported issue with JAWS incorrectly saying “0 items” when deleting a message in the message list.


Microsoft Word

– Resolved a customer reported issue where JAWS was not reading as expected in the Font list in Word 2010 and 2013.


Mozilla Firefox

– Addressed an issue with using JAWS with button menus contained inside an ARIA dialog box opened from a Web page.


Mozilla Thunderbird

– When creating a message filter, addressed a reported issue where you could not select the folder where you wanted to copy the filtered message.



Download links to the full build:




– JAWS 15.0.8021 32-bit – March 2014 English (115 MB)

– JAWS 15.0.8021 64-bit – March 2014 English (122 MB)



– JAWS 15.0.8021 32-bit Spanish ILM Release for Windows 8 and Earlier (221 MB)

– JAWS 15.0.8021 64-bit Spanish ILM Release for Windows 8 and Earlier (227 MB)



– JAWS 15.0.8021 32-bit German ILM Release for Windows 8 and Earlier (231 MB)

– JAWS 15.0.8021 64-bit German ILM Release for Windows 8 and Earlier (237 MB)