The following is a list of items addressed or added between the final JAWS 14.0.3005 release and the JAWS 14.0.4004 posting.


Addressed a reported issue with JAWS not reading AlphaNumeric text as expected when set to Spell Phoenetically.


As requested by a customer, the Text Analyzer will no longer identify two spaces following a period as a run of spaces. Only three or more spaces will be flagged.


Addressed a customer reported issue where JAWS would continuously say “embedded object” while navigating flash content.


Resolved an issue where pressing INSERT+F from an open Virtual Viewer window was not reporting font information.


Resolved issues navigating ribbons in the Japanese version of Microsoft Office 2013.


Addressed multiple issues with JAWS not properly identifying the correct state of radio buttons and check boxes in certain JAVA applications.


Addressed a reported issue with JAWS not properly navigating combo boxes in some JAVA applications.


Microsoft Excel:
If a chart is being displayed in the Virtual Viewer and you press ESC to close the viewer and return to the spreadsheet, the chart will now remain selected so you can view and change its properties.


When editing a text box, addressed an issue where the contents of the text box were not being shown in braille while navigating.


When entering a formula and the functions list opens, JAWS now speaks a tutor message that tells you to press TAB in order to insert the selected function.


Resolved an issue where manual column and row title deffinitions were lost when toggling the override of titles option in Quick Settings on and off. JAWS should remember settings for row and column deffinitions until you clear them.


Resolved an issue where pressing INSERT+SHIFT+F to display a list of cells containing formulas was not always listing all cells with formulas as expected.
Microsoft Word:
Pressing INSERT+C to read the word in context now works in context menus such as the spell check menu (ALT+F7).
Mozilla Firefox:
Resolved an issue where the collapsed and expanded state of certain elements was not being announced as expected.


When navigating to various list boxes using Navigation Quick Keys, addressed an issue where JAWS was not announcing the position of the currently selected item when the list box first gained focus.


JAWS is now much more responsive when opening large pages.


When you enter a multi-line edit field, JAWS now speaks the message “contains text” just as it does in Internet Explorer.


Resolved issues where you would sometimes hear “frame”, or the page address, each time you used TAB or SHIFT+TAB to move back into the Web page.


Resolved an issue with JAWS not properly detecting list boxes in some instances.


If you navigate to a tree view on a Web page using the TAB Key, resolved an issue where JAWS was not announcing the name of the tree view.


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