It’s never too late to start!

Dulcie Sullivan, 88 years old, resides in Victoria


Dulcie uses a ClearView+ Star with a 22” Screen which was purchased for her by the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Dulcie is pictured holding a copy of her finished book

Dulcie is pictured holding a copy of her finished book. Dulcie is proof that you are never too old to undertake and complete life’s challenges – even those ones you have been putting off for a long time!


“It has been a lifesaver! I live on my own and have been able to use it for everything. What has been most important however, is that it has enabled me to finally write and publish a book of my family history called “The Jochheims of Loch Lomond”.


The ClearView has helped tremendously; I can put all the old documents on the tray and am able to see them again on the screen. I would have never finished the book without the ClearView. Thank you so very much.


The ClearView+ Star is an example of what is known as a Desktop Magnifier. There are many varieties of Desktop Magnifiers and it is important that you speak to one of our Low Vision Consultants to find the one that best suits your needs. Most of our clients first enquire about desktop magnifiers in order to read books. But time and time again we hear back from them that there are a range of other day to day activities that end up taking precedence; things such as checking mail, looking at old photographs, changing batteries and checking glasses, personal grooming and checking food packaging. Many people also find they can resume activities like crosswords and puzzles, or many handicrafts that became difficult as they started to lose their vision.


When you evaluate Desktop Magnifiers it is important to trial them at home, and have a range of things that you may want to magnify. Make sure you include things that you may not receive every day, like Christmas cards and handwritten letters.



Christopher Powell, 96 years old, resides in Queensland


Chris has been using a Desktop Magnifier for many years. Recently he up-graded to a ClearView+ HD with 24” screen.


Chris has both a severe vision loss and hearing loss. He lives alone and still independently manages all day to day activities of running his home.


Chris Powell is using his Clear View Desktop Magnifier

Chris Powell is using his Clear View Desktop Magnifier


“The reason I wanted to up-grade was so that I can finally get two columns of newspaper……with my old machine I could only get one as it had a much smaller screen”


Screen size is always an important consideration in choosing the magnifier that will best meet your needs. For people with Macular Degeneration a larger screen is typically going to be useful. For people with Glaucoma, a smaller screen will often be more suitable. You need to speak to our Low Vision Consultants to understand why this is so. Desktop Magnifiers also enable you to do a lot more than portable magnifiers, often due to having a larger screen.



Robert Bland, resides in Queensland


Robert uses an Eye Pal ACE, a reading machine.


Picture of EyePal Ace

Picture of EyePal Ace


I am a retired Architect, and cannot recommend highly enough the ACE reading aid I purchased from Quantum in February 2013. I use the ACE device practically every day to read out loud my every day affairs, but also find it indispensable for my research interests. I have even taken the ACE to the State Library to help me with technical books in my studies.


The ACE is one example of a text-to-speech device that converts written words into spoken ones. There are a wide variety of these; some that use a computer and some, like the ACE that don’t. The ACE also has a screen that displays the words as they are spoken. As pictured they also read other objects like food packaging.



Les Murfett, resides in Victoria


Les is using the Compact 7HD portable electronic magnifier.


Picture of Les - using  Compact 7HD portable electronic magnifier


“The thing I have missed most about losing my vision is not being able to read the newspaper, but I am now back to buying it every day. The thing I like most about the Compact is the ease of use, you can change the magnification and colours to suit whatever you are reading. It is such a good gadget!



Chire’ Fulford, resides in Queensland


Uses a ClearView+ Speech at work.


I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with my new

Clearviewwith speech. I find it very easy to use, and use it on a daily basis.

 As a magnifier I am very happy with the clarity, and importantly for me, I can see credit cards and medicare cards well. These are usually very hard to see as they all have different colour schemes, but now it’s a lot easier.

 As a text-to-speech device the speech is clear and easy to understand. Thank you for a great product!


Picture of the ClearView+Speech desktop magnifier


The ClearView+ Speech is a high quality desktop magnifier, with the famous ‘one-button’ simplicity. However, when you want to have something read out to you, simply touch the screen and follow one spoken instruction. It is unbelievably easy to use and provides the best of both worlds; a desktop magnifier and a reading machine in one.