It’s never too late to learn about computers

The following is an email we received from a client, Bruce O’Brien. Bruce has kindly consented to us publishing it, in the hope that it might inspire others in a similar situation to himself. Thank you Bruce!


Dear Peter,


Approximately three years ago I contacted your Brisbane office to make enquiries about aids for the blind and impaired vision. The office took my details and then passed me on to yourself, thus starting my new life.


In November 2011 I had never used a computer nor did I know how to turn one on. Peter introduced me to the amazing Dolphin Guide and within three months I was typing at a reasonable speed with accuracy. My vision is such that I am unable to read the print on the screen and rely entirely on the audio for everything.


Every day I use the diary, the email both in and out, the WEB, the radio, the news from various sources, the interaction between friends and others met on the WEB, etc. My life is far more enjoyable now that I can communicate with friends who had not heard from me for over thirty years as I was unable to read correspondence.


My thirst for more skills led me to contact your office again in November last year and enquired about new technology. Again Peter came to the rescue and told me about the new Guide 8.


Late January this year Peter installed a new Guide system 8 in my new computer and within one week I was using it as if it had been there for years.


I do not want to sound like an expert because that certainly is not correct and I am the first to admit there is considerable room for improvement.


The few queries that I have stumbled upon have been explained and rectified in astonishing speed either by Peter himself or Quantum technical representatives who are available around the clock.


I turned 70 in January and am living proof that anybody, if they have a desire to learn to use a computer can do so simply by contacting Quantum and learn the same way I did.


Forever grateful, I remain a satisfied customer.


Kind Regards,

Bruce O’Brien


Bruce O'Brien



Guide can also be purchased through ASCCA (Australian Seniors Computer Clubs). Join your local seniors computer club for training and great social interaction.