It’s a Record – 5000 ClearViews Sold!

The ClearView range of desktop video magnifiers achieved an important milestone at the end of 2017 being the first ever to achieve 5000 units sold in Australia.


The ClearView family of video magnifiers is made by Optelec in the Netherlands, part of the VFO Group. Despite there now being many cheaper magnifiers made in China, the ClearViews have continued to be the most trusted and reliable magnifier on the market.



The ClearView range all have the unique ‘’C”shaped stand, meaning that a newspaper can all fit under the camera easily without the need to fold it.


However people tell us all the time that there are three main things that influence their decision to buy the ClearView;


Quality, Reliability and Ease-of-Use.


The value of any product is very different to the price!