IrisVision: Wearable Magnification

The IrisVision is a camera system worn on the head using virtual reality goggles. It has powerful magnification capabilities for people with low vision and combines state-of-the art virtual reality technology from Samsung and software developed by IrisVision.

Traditional low vision aids allow you to read or examine things only within arm’s reach. With IrisVision you can also see across the room, across the auditorium, into the landscape and out to the horizon. Sometimes reading the textbook or paper in front of you is what’s important. Sometimes it is seeing your friend’s facial expressions or being able to choose your lunch from a buffet.


The IrisVision features a 12 megapixel camera and 70 degree field of view on a powerful LED HD display. The device is very intuitive to use and can be operated using the touchpad on the headset or a Bluetooth remote controller. The IrisVision offers various viewing modes depending on task you want to do or what you want to view. It has full screen viewing with a ‘bubble’ (you can see a large image and move the bubble across the area that needs magnifying). It also has split screen, line reading and other options to suit particular activities.


IrisVision is definitely something you need to try and experience for yourself. Give us a call to arrange a demonstration.


The IrisVision is a platform built for the future and some of the planned up-grades include movies and media content, rehabilitation training software and even medical monitoring for patients to connect to their doctor via tele-medicine. Try IrisVision out and look into the future.

IrisVision- Image


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