Introducing OrCam

We have seen a lot of technology come by our desk over the last 30 years, however, the introduction of OrCam is easily one of the most exciting.


OrCam is a small wearable device that will change the way we think about accessing information.


OrCam utilises a small camera mounted on a user’s eyeglass frame, to instantly read any printed text in the immediate environment.


Via a discreet earpiece, the device can instantly read text from any source – including newspapers, books, computer screens, phones, restaurant menus, and street signs. There are 2 versions of OrCam;


OrCam Reader – designed for people who struggle to read due to dyslexia and other cognitive issues.


OrCam MyEye – designed for people who are vision impaired or blind.


Demonstration of OrCam to a girl


This wearable device can be worn at all times, meaning access to the printed word can happen wherever you are. There are 2 ways OrCam can read to you.


Read Just what you need

Read Just What You Need


All you have to do is point! As you point your finger at any printed information the software in OrCam MyEye will recognise the text and read it out to you. You can interrupt it as it is talking and point to the next piece of text you want to read. This means that a person can scan and skim read a document, just like regular reading.

Read the Whole Page


If you know you want to read the whole page you can simply look at the page and press a button on the small control box and it will read the whole page. The control box is about the size of a smartphone and sits in your pocket when not in use.


Just 10 years ago this product would have sounded like science fiction. But today it is a reality and we have units to demonstrate and show you how well it works.


Check out this YouTube clip to see how OrCam can change lives: