Introducing a desktop magnifier that doesn’t look like a magnifier!

The Optelec ClearView C Flex is an exciting new option for magnification, especially in the workplace or for people that have limited desk space at home.


It helps you to keep your desk free and uncluttered yet still enjoy the support of a leading edge video magnifier. The ClearView C Flex enables you to read documents, do your hobbies or work with your PC.


The ClearView C Flex looks like any other PC monitor and will perfectly blend in with any office environment. Nobody will notice that it is a desktop video magnifier.

ClearView C Flex

ClearView C Flex



The ClearView C Flex takes up less space on your desk, so you have more working space than with traditional desktop video magnifiers. This allows you to read and work more comfortably.


Utilising the flexible arm, you can easily put the ClearView C Flex in the position you prefer. Pull it towards you to read your mail or newspaper, or position the monitor further away when you don’t need it.

Clearview C Flex back view

Clearview C Flex back view



A simple battery powered control panel can be moved around the desk into any position you want or stowed safely out of the way on the base of the monitor stand.

Clearview C Flex  base and controls

You can choose from different screen sizes (22” or 24”) and there is also an optional document table to make viewing easier. And finally there is also a Talking version that can read out your documents to you!

A world of choices! Call us today for a demonstration or further information.