How Can OrCam Help You?

Hear any printed text, in real time.

OrCam MyEye enables you to read anything, even text on a computer or smartphone screen. The ability to access printed information at any time and in any location has never existed before.


Always On – Instantaneous Access

Text-to-Speech is something that has traditionally occurred at a desk. More recent devices such as smart phone apps have provided mobility but require documents to be aligned and the camera held at a prescribed height. OrCam MyEye is hands free and can continuously scan the environment and read text as soon as it is encountered


Equivalence of visually scanning text

Traditional text-to-speech devices and reading machines scan a whole page, and the user then has to listen to the whole page.

Using artificial intelligence OrCam MyEye recognises the shape of the user’s finger, and will start to read wherever the finger moves to. This ability is unique to OrCam MyEye and is a major step forward for all people that struggle to read.


Read from any surface

Information in text form is everywhere, and not just on flat surfaces. Packaged foods and medicines have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and are fabricated from many different materials. With the appropriate light level text can be read on plastics, fabrics, bottles and cans; just about any surface.


Read information in the environment

There is information all around us, things like posters, signage, safety information and PowerPoint presentations. Reading devices in the past meant reading a page. OrCam MyEye means reading anything, anywhere, anytime.


Distinguish humans in your proximity

OrCam MyEye can recognize that there are up to eight faces in front of you—a handy feature if you’re standing in a line, or if you’re at a party wondering if you’re speaking to a person or a floor lamp.


Recognise known faces

OrCam MyEye uses the very latest in biometric analysis to perform facial recognition. Once captured the OrCam MyEye will recognise and announce the name of the person that walks into view.


Identify Money

OrCam MyEye will accurately identify all Australian and New Zealand bank notes. Simply point at the note and the denomination and value will be read out.


Accurately identify a wide range of consumer products

OrCam MyEye will read bar-codes on products and can also store and recognize up to 150 items you choose to identify and label.


Social Inclusion

OrCam MyEye supports social activities such as volunteering, social clubs and community involvement.  The OrCam MyEye provides an additional level of access to incidental information that would otherwise be inaccessible, such as hand-outs, minutes and notices.