Happy Birthday Mountbatten Brailler

On the 19th July the Mountbatten Brailler celebrated its 23rd birthday! Although we no longer manufacture it, all of us here at Quantum are thrilled to know that the MB continues to provide learning opportunities to young Braille readers around the world.


The Queen inspects the first MB’s 23 years ago.


And more importantly the new manufacturer’s, Harpo in Poland, are continuing to innovate and develop new opportunities to keep Braille modern and exciting for young learners.


Later this year Harpo will be introducing a new version of the Mountbatten that will be able to interface directly with an iPad! This is very exciting and will greatly help early Braille instruction as well as making Braille more accessible to classmates, teachers and parents.


We continue to get wonderful feedback from teachers who have found the Mountbatten to be an invaluable tool with which to engage their students. Like this quote from Sandra Reis in Victoria;

“I am using the chat mode on the Mountbatten and its great. My student waits with great anticipation when I’m typing something on the laptop and he’s waiting for it to come out on the brailler. He says it is our own secret chat time!”