Hand Held Options

Pocket Sized but Powerful


With magnifiers now coming in all shapes and sizes, MiniMax is a contender for being one of the smallest. At only 7.1 cm (2.8″) in size and only 142 g in weight, MiniMAX is a small and lightweight portable magnifier. MiniMAX is easy to operate with only three buttons. It is a helpful companion for anyone who benefits from magnification. It also has three zoom levels up to x7 in a high contrast display.


Of course a variety of different foreground or background colours can be selected. And the freeze picture mode allows the user to capture pictures from a small distance and read it comfortably in the desired magnification and colour.


You will be amazed by the simplicity of this powerful magnifier.





More Optical Options


We supply a very wide range of optical magnifiers and the choices are increasing all the time. There is a new stand magnifier from Eschenbach in Germany, called VISOLUX that provides a very wide field of view at 3X magnification. The viewing area is also illuminated with bright LED lights.


The VisoLux+ is easy to use. Simply push the ON button, place it over reading material, photos, coins, or stamps, and you’re ready to go!




The field of view is 100 x 75 mm or 4 by 3 inches, which means users will be able to see many more words at one time without having to move the magnifier. This makes reading newspapers or magazine articles that much easier without losing your place on the page.


Another feature is the tilted lens, which helps keep the user in a comfortable viewing position for long periods of time without any neck strain. Price is just $260!


Remember, there are many other options available for hand held reading devices; there are solutions for all your reading needs. Give us a call or check them out on our website. Happy reading!!