Good news! ZoomText 10.1 now supports Windows 8.1

Support for Windows 8.1 is Here


We’re pleased to announce the next free update in the ZoomText 10.1 lifecycle, featuring support for Windows 8.1, ZoomText Camera and CCTV restored support, plus a variety of bug fixes.


As a reminder, ZoomText is the first and only product on the market to fully support the Windows 8 and 8.1 platforms, with crystal clear text at all magnification levels. We will be adding Windows 7 support back into ZoomText 10.1 as soon as we can.


Already own version 10.1 for Windows 8? Then this is a free update for you! If you’ve got ZoomText set to download updates automatically, you’re good to go – the next time you launch ZoomText it will install the update for you. Otherwise, just go to the Help menu and choose “Check for Program Updates…”.


If you don’t own version 10.1 yet and would like to, please Contact our dedicated Software Support Helpline on  1300 791 777 or email us at for more information or assistance.


Read more about 10.1read the release notes, or download a free 60-day trial to give it a try yourself.