Getting Ready for a Job!

We regularly hear about unemployment statistics and most people know that our average unemployment rate is around 5.3%. However, what is less often reported is that youth unemployment is much higher and currently is around 23%.



For a young person with a disability the unemployment level is even much higher again and the prospects of finding a job can be truly daunting.


Students today need to be researching their options and understanding what assistance they can get, well before they leave secondary or tertiary education. Information is the best weapon!


JobAccess is a one stop information shop for disability employment matters. It is a free service funded by the Australian Government. The JobAccess website is a very comprehensive and easy to use resource, and a vital starting point for anyone wanting to understand the employment market.


It has step by step guides on recruitment, job searching, adjusting a workplace, and understanding rights and responsibilities at work.


You can also obtain confidential expert advice on any issue relating to the employment of people with a disability by phoning 1800 464 800