Freedom Scientific Product Update June 20 2013

Vocalizer Direct Voices for JAWS 14 and Now for MAGic 12!
The Vocalizer Direct voices are now available to JAWS® 14 users since last October. They will also be available to MAGic® users when our next MAGic update is released later this month. These voices are FREE to JAWS and MAGic customers!


While Eloquence has been the voice of JAWS and MAGic for years, customers have really been impressed with the new Vocalizer Direct voices. Vocalizer sounds great, even at fast speeds, and is very responsive. Since responsiveness is one of the big reasons Eloquence has remained so popular, we are pleased that Vocalizer maintains this important feature.


The Vocalizer voices can work with both activated and demo versions of our products. Please give our Software Support staff a call on 1300 791 777 or email us at to find out how to load them. 


Focus Blue and iDevices – a Great Pair


Our Focus Blue series of refreshable Braille displays provides some of the most robust Braille connectivity with iDevices available today.


If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or an iPad Mini and have an interest in one of the Focus Blue products lets us get you connected and have a trial of one today. Please give our Customer Support staff a call on 1800 883 853 or email us at


Don’t forget you are still able to use your Focus Blue with your PC; it’s not just for iDevices!


Silencing Keystrokes as You Navigate with JAWS


How many times have you heard someone using JAWS, pressing ALT Tab to cycle through their running applications? It sounds like this: ALT TAB, Microsoft Outlook, ALT TAB, Internet Explorer, ALT TAB, JAWS. These repetitive announcements go on until they reach the application they want, so they stop pressing the ALT Key.


While many people prefer having Typing Echo set so it will announce letters and numbers, this is not the case with other keys like ALT + TAB, ENTER, ESCAPE, PageUp and PageDown. Many users would prefer to have JAWS be less verbose for this type of key.


Fortunately, this is an option in JAWS. Please give our Software Support staff a call on 1300 791 777 or email us at to find out how to do this.