Free update for ZT Mac with fixes and new features!

New Feature – Spanish, French and Portuguese Localizations

ZoomText Mac now includes localizations for Spanish, French and Portuguese. Users can switch languages via the “Languages & Text” settings in System Preferences. Note, you may need to restart ZoomText in order to load the new language.


New Feature – Color Warmth/Coolness Slider

ZoomText Mac now includes a simple slider that allows user to apply a warming or cooling filter to any selected color scheme. This filter allows the user to fine tune their color preferences.


Bug Fixes – Tracking in Mail.App

ZoomText Mac now correctly tracks the cursor when composing a new email or replying to an existing email.


Bug Fixes – Tracking in the Finder

ZoomText Mac now correctly tracks more Finder actions including Spotlight searches launched via the keyboard.


Performance Improvements

ZoomText Mac contains changes that substantially boost performance on all compatible hardware.


ZoomText Mac checks for updates every 24 hours. Most people will just get the update.


If you do not get it, go to the Z icon and run Check for Updates.


Contact our dedicated Software Support Helpline on  1300 791 777 or email us at for more information or assistance.