Enhancements in MAGic 12.0.4069 (July 2013)

The following is a list of items addressed or added between MAGic 12.0.3202 and MAGic 12.0.4069.


HD text smoothing is available in Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10


The Vocalizer Direct speech synthesizer is now available for MAGic. You can download and install several new voices to add variety when reading documents, Web pages, and more. Visit the Vocalizer Direct Voices Web page for more information.


The Automatic Notification Updates feature has been added to MAGic. Use it to receive an alert that an update is available when you start MAGic


MAGic supports the Append to Clipboard feature. It allows you to copy items to the Windows Clipboard without overwriting current Clipboard contents. Use MAGic Key+WINDOWS Key+C to continue adding items to the Clipboard. When you want to view all text currently in the Clipboard, open the Clipboard Text Viewer by pressing MAGic Key+SPACEBAR, followed by C.


When pressing CTRL+SHIFT+UP ARROW or CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW, MAGic correctly selects the previous or next paragraph in the results viewer


When running JAWS and MAGic together, the audible sound used to indicate when you enter and exit a form field in a Web page is working


When using MAGic Key+SHIFT+D to move between multiple monitors, both the mouse cursor and screen focus now switch to the same monitor


Improvements were made to the Wikipedia lookup source in Research It


A problem that was seen where the screen would remain black after a computer wakes from Sleep mode has been fixed
MAGic’s focus tracking performance has been improved in several areas as described in the list below.


Resolved an issue in Windows Explorer where focus would not remain in the File Menu. This was also observed when using the Dynamic Lens view, and when navigating through folders and tree views in Windows Explorer.


Resolved an issue observed where the focus rectangle would not remain with the Windows Explorer window after it was moved to a different part of the screen


Resolved an issue where the Focus Enhancement rectangle would remain on screen where a previous item was located. This was also observed when deleting items in the Recycle Bin; when choosing “Save Default Settings” in the File menu; or when using the “Open With” dialog box to select a program.


The Focus Enhancement rectangle now maintains focus on the correct item when using the mouse wheel to scroll through a drop-down list in a Window


Focus tracking problems when moving through the Keyboard Manager have been fixed


Resolved an issue where the Focus Enhancement rectangle was not tracking correctly when navigating the Taskbar


Resolved an issue where the Focus Enhancement rectangle would suddenly get out of sync when switching multiple times between a tree view and a reading pane


An issue observed with MAGic’s focus tracking when moving through JAWS screen reading software dialog boxes has been resolved


Mouse tracking performance has been improved when composing messages with Gmail


Focus now moves correctly between the iTunes window and the iTunes mini player when using CTRL+SHIFT+M to start the mini player


The Focus Enhancement rectangle no longer remains on the screen after controls such as Pause and Play fade from view


Focus tracking correctly switches when moving from the current item and a newly opened dialog box


The Focus Enhancement rectangle now displays in the correct area of the Preferences dialog box




Focus tracking performance has been improved when navigating through controls in Java Swing applications


Resolved an issue where there was a mismatch between slider values displayed in the status bar and values announced by MAGic when using Java Swing applications


Resolved an issue where MAGic was not speaking the contents of a cell when moving through a table in Java Swing applications


In Java Swing applications, MAGic correctly speaks controls, such as an edit box or check box, when using INSERT+TAB to read items that have current focus


Resolved an issue where a Focus Enhancement rectangle displayed around the cursor in Java Swing applications


Misalignment issues where the Focus Enhancement rectangle was not correctly centered over the current object or item have been resolved
Microsoft Outlook


Resolved an issue where Outlook would lock up after sending an e-mail message. This was observed after installing recent Windows updates.


Corrupted text no longer displays on the screen when composing an e-mail message in Outlook 2010


Resolved an issue where text smoothing was inconsistent when moving through the Inbox in Outlook 2010


Focus tracking now works correctly when moving through the Address Book in Outlook 2007


HD text smoothing now remains when composing or reading e-mail messages in Outlook 2003. The loss of HD smoothing was observed after upgrading to



Internet Explorer 9.


Focus tracking has been improved when using Outlook 2003



Microsoft Word


If MAGic is set for Classic text smoothing, it no longer loses Classic smoothing while selecting text in Word 2010


An issue was observed where HD text smoothing was not working correctly when moving through a Context menu. This has been fixed.


Focus tracking issues in Word 2010 documents have been fixed
Mozilla Firefox


The BBC iPlayer Radio now plays correctly when started in Firefox


An issue has been resolved where static text in an OpenBook dialog box would unexpectedly switch from HD text smoothing to Classic smoothing. This was seen when running MAGic and OpenBook together.


When reading text using the Spotlight option, characters would sometimes be corrupted within the reading spotlight. This has been fixed. Skype
MAGic no longer loses HD text smoothing or Classic smoothing when using Skype
Windows Live Mail


Resolved focus tracking and smoothing issues that were observed when navigating through Windows Live Mail.


For more information on MAGic updates, please contact our Software Support Helpline on 1300 791 777 or email us at info@quantumrlv.com.au.