Enhancements in JAWS 15.0.5056

JAWS 15.0.5056 (December 2013) has been released. Please see the list below which outlines what is new in this version of JAWS. This is the first update to version 15.


JAWS 15 Downloads:http://www.freedomscientific.com/downloads/jaws/jaws-downloads.asp


The following is a list of improvements made between this release and the JAWS 15.0.4203 posting.



– Bluetooth Auto Detection of Braille is now off by default. We have added a check box in Settings Center located in the Braille group under General called “Auto Detect Braille Display using Bluetooth” which is unchecked by default. If you would like to have JAWS monitor for Bluetooth Braille connections, you will need to change this setting.

– Addressed a customer reported issue where FSReader 3 would not play the audio from Bookshare DAISY audio books.

– Resolved an issue where JAWS would appear to hang when using Outlook 2013 and accessing the Start Menu. This issue was related to JAWS and UI Automation and resolved thanks to the new Error Reporting Tool in JAWS 15 and assistance from our customers.
– Resolved an issue where JAWS would unexpectedly close after entering a large number of values into the Windows Calculator.

– In a JAWS Tandem session, you can now toggle the NUM LOCK key on or off from the controlling computer.

– If you copy text from a Web page in Internet Explorer 9 containing quotes, and then display it in the Clipboard Viewer (INSERT+SPACEBAR, C), an issue was resolved where the HTML code for quotes was being displayed instead of the actual quotation marks.

– Pressing the increase and decrease voice rate keys on the MAGic Keyboard during a Say All now changes the rate without stopping the Say All.

– The INSERT+F1 help message for tables has been updated to include the latest keystrokes for reading the current row (ALT+WINDOWS Key+COMMA) and current column (ALT+WINDOWS Key+PERIOD). In addition, the help message now correctly lists the jump to table cell as CTRL+WINDOWS Key+J.

– Addressed a customer reported issue with using Settings Center to delete a custom highlight assignment.

– If the controller in a JAWS Tandem session changes the setting of the Braille Dot Firmness on the target system, for instance, 100 to 0, resolved an issue where JAWS on the controller system would keep the new setting even after ending the connection.

– If you have configured Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 for multiple languages, JAWS will now automatically announce the language being activated when you press WINDOWS Key+SPACEBAR to toggle the language.

– When running JAWS and MAGic together and you increase or decrease the magnification level, resolved an issue where JAWS would speak the new magnification level twice.

– When you press INSERT+CTRL+R to open the Document Regions dialog box, the tree view is now expanded by default to improve navigation of this list.

– Resolved an issue where empty flash messages were being shown on the braille display under certain circumstances. When this occurred, only the message prefix, such as ttr for tutor message, would be shown.

– Resolved multiple issues with the Wikipedia Research It lookup source not finding certain results that could be found using the actual Web site.

– Addressed an issue with JAWS not correctly reading the slider under the Views button in the Command Module tool bar in Windows Explorer.

– JAWS now provides feedback when using the ALT+SHIFT+ARROW keys to rearrange tiles or groups on the Windows 8 Start screen. Note that you can only move a tile or group if the PC Cursor is active.

– Added Keyboard Help messages for Navigation Quick Key Q which moves to the main region of a Web page.

– Removed extra pauses that were heard while reading search results on the Windows 8.1 Start screen.

– Addressed issues using a braille display in Line mode with WPF applications.

– Resolved an issue where JAWS was not always reliably speaking the prompt and current selection in the Search pane of the Windows 8.1 Start screen.

– JAWS now contains a UIA Script API which gives scripters direct access to Microsoft’s UIA (User Interface Automation) infrastructure through the JAWS Script language. For more information, refer to the JAWS UIA Script API Documentation page.

– Addressed a customer reported issue where Navigation Quick Keys would not work in the JAWS Help system if the help was opened from the Run JAWS Manager dialog box.

– The JAWS application window now visually resizes correctly if the Windows display zoom is set higher than 100 percent.

– Addressed a reported issue using the Profivox Hungarian synthesizer with JAWS in a JAWS Tandem session.

– Resolved an issue with the German version of JAWS not displaying context help messages for various controls in Settings Center.

– Resolved an issue with the German version of JAWS where Contracted Braille mode changes were not being saved in Quick Settings.

– Resolved an issue with the access key to launch the Script Manager from the Utilities menu not working in the German version of JAWS.

– Addressed an issue when navigating by word using the Japanese version of JAWS.


Adobe Acrobat Reader

– When selecting text in Adobe Reader 11 with JAWS running, resolved an issue where Adobe Reader would unexpectedly close. This was reported by a customer using Adobe Reader 11 with Windows 8.1.


Microsoft Excel

– Addressed an issue where the contents of cells were not being shown on the braille display in the 64-bit version of Excel after installing a recent update for Microsoft Office on Windows 8 and 8.1 systems.

– When editing a cell in Excel 2013, resolved an issue where the braille cursor was remaining on the first character as you navigated the data, which made it difficult to edit using braille.

– Addressed a customer reported issue where pressing INSERT+SHIFT+S to open the Manage Worksheets context menu was not working in Excel 2010 in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.


Microsoft Internet Explorer

– Resolved an issue where the virtual buffer would not update as expected when navigating to a new page unless INSERT+ESC was pressed first to refresh the screen. This was encountered in Internet Explorer 10 and 11 on Windows 8 and 8.1.

– Resolved an issue where Flexible Web rules were not being applied to Web pages in Internet Explorer 11 under Windows 8.1.

– Addressed customer reported issues using JAWS with the Intelliconnect Web application.

– Addressed an issue with creating a custom label in Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 8.1.

– The commands that open a dialog box listing specific elements on a Web page, such as INSERT+CTRL+B to display a list of buttons on a page, can now be performed while Forms Mode is active.

– When using the ARROW keys to navigate the Download dialog box, resolved an issue where JAWS was speaking the name of the current file before announcing the current button.

– When navigating to an element containing aria-described by text, or when pressing INSERT+TAB to speak the current control information, addressed an issue where the aria-described by text was announced twice.

– When performing a JAWS Find in Internet Explorer or Firefox, resolved an intermittent issue where focus would simply return to the Web page without positioning you on the found text, or displaying a message if the search string was not found.

– Intermittent issues with Internet Explorer closing unexpectedly while JAWS is running have been resolved.


Microsoft Office

– JAWS now announces ribbon items as submenus instead of dropdown grids. In addition, JAWS no longer speaks extraneous text while navigating the lower ribbon or when moving to the document area from the ribbons.

– When navigating various Office 2013 dialog boxes, resolved an issue where JAWS was only announcing the access keys for check boxes instead of their label and state.

– When navigating to split button controls on the ribbon, addressed an issue where JAWS would announce the control as a split button and then once more as a button, which could be confusing.

– Pressing INSERT+PAGE DOWN now reads the status line as expected in all Microsoft Office applications in Windows 8.

– JAWS now correctly distinguishes spin boxes from edit fields in Virtual Ribbons.

– Resolved an issue with the Spanish version of JAWS where split buttons were being identified as regular buttons in braille.


Microsoft Outlook

– JAWS now automatically announces autocompleted names from your address book when typing in the message header fields in Outlook 2013 such as the To or CC fields.

– Due to issues with Microsoft Accessibility in Outlook 2010 and 2013 message lists, such as the Inbox, JAWS will no longer speak when using the keyboard to select noncontiguous items. For more information on this issue, please refer to this JAWS FAQ Bulletin.

– If you are navigating a table in an e-mail message, resolved an issue where every cell was being reported as a title cell when ALT+CTRL+NUM PAD 5 was used to read the current cell.

– Resolved an intermittent issue where an extraneous message was spoken when replying to a message in Outlook 2013.

– Addressed a customer reported issue where opening a certain type of message would cause JAWS to no longer be able to read the current message or any subsequent messages until you closed and reopened Outlook.

– Resolved an issue where JAWS would speak some random text when a message was opened a second time.

– Addressed an issue where Outlook would sometimes close unexpectedly when you closed JAWS. This also would sometimes occur with Internet Explorer.

– Resolved an issue in Outlook 2013 where the Say Line command (INSERT+UP ARROW) would not read the current message in the list after deleting a message.

– After deleting a contact, resolved an issue where the information from the deleted contact was still being shown on the braille display instead of the contact which just gained focus.

– An issue was addressed where JAWS was announcing multiple controls when various ribbons gained focus in Outlook 2010.

– When navigating the list of files in the Save Attachments dialog box in Outlook 2013 on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, each file name is now spoken and displayed in braille as expected.

– When attempting to choose a bullet type for inserting into a message, JAWS now reads the various bullet types similar to Word. For instance, you will now hear “filled round bullet” instead of a numeric symbol.

– Addressed a customer reported issue encountered when attaching a file where the selected item was not being announced by JAWS when selecting a file using the auto-complete feature.

– Resolved a customer reported issue where e-mail headers in read-only messages were not always being read automatically in Outlook 2013.

– If you press CTRL+A to select the entire contents of a virtualized message that contains mor than 1000 characters, resolved an issue where JAWS was not announcing the number of characters selected as it does in other applications.

– JAWS now announces the calendar view change in Outlook 2013 when you press ALT+CTRL+1 through ALT+CTRL+4.

– In the Go to Folder dialog box, the number of unread messages in the selected folder is now shown on the braille display. This number is shown in parentheses following the folder name, for instance, “inbox (2)”.

– Addressed an issue encountered in Outlook 2010 where JAWS was not always speaking the contents of certain edit fields in the Options dialog box.

– JAWS now speaks text in the Out of Office edit fields in Outlook 2013.

– Addressed issues with braille panning in Outlook messages not working as expected in the Japanese version of JAWS.

– Resolved an issue with the German version of JAWS where the Subject field label was not being shown in braille using a German version of Windows and Outlook 2013.


Microsoft Word

– When focused on, or one cell prior, to a column or row title in a table, improved the messages that are announced when you perform a Say Current Cell (ALT+CTRL+NUM PAD 5) to provide more accurate information.

– Resolved an issue where turning off the Language Detect Change option in Quick Settings was not working as expected.

– If you use the TAB key to move through a table and then use SHIFT+ARROW keys to select cells, addressed a customer reported issue where JAWS was not announcing selected text.

– If you use the bookmark feature in Word to automatically set titles for cells in a table, resolved an issue where titles were not read when using CTRL+ALT+NUM PAD 5 to read the current cell.

– When performing a search, issues were resolved with the word in context not being flashed in braille when selecting the Next Search Result button or when using the INSERT+C command.

– Resolved an issue with JAWS not announcing labels in forms as expected while navigating the form.


Mozilla Firefox

– Improved navigation of edit spin boxes in the Print dialog box. JAWS now announces the correct values as they are changed.

– Addressed issues where JAWS was not removing iframes with role = “presentation” from the virtual buffer as expected.

– Resolved an issue where JAWS was not reading as expected when encountering form fields that include the aria-described by attribute.

– Addressed issues with JAWS not entering or exiting Application Mode as expected as you navigate certain Web pages.

– JAWS now works correctly with HTML 5 tables that use aria-described by in place of the summary and aria-labelled by in place of the caption.

– Resolved issues with JAWS not properly detecting changes in focus when pressing ENTER on ARIA toggle controls on certain Web pages with Auto Forms Mode enabled.

– When navigating through a Web page using TAB or SHIFT+TAB, addressed an issue where JAWS would sometimes read the label for the previous element a second time instead of the current item.

– Improved navigation of ARIA menus using JAWS.

– Resolved an issue with certain types of buttons that are identified correctly by JAWS in Internet Explorer not being announced in Firefox.

– Resolved an issue where the word “frame” was sometimes unexpectedly heard while navigating through various controls with ARIA descriptions even when there were no frames on the Web page.


Mozilla Thunderbird

– Resolved a reported issue where the keystrokes to read message headers were not working in Thunderbird 24.



– When using CTRL+1 through CTRL+0 to review the last 10 items in the chat history, addressed an issue where pressing the keystroke to read one item followed immediately by the keystroke to read a different item was opening the Virtual Viewer instead of reading the next item. For example, pressing CTRL+1 followed immediately by CTRL+2 should read the next most recent item. The Virtual Viewer should only be opened if CTRL+1 is pressed twice quickly.

– When navigating through the conversation history list, addressed an issue where the sender’s information was spoken twice.


Visual Studio

– Resolved an issue where Visual Studio 2010 or later would sometimes unexpectedly close during startup with JAWS running. This was primarily observed in Windows 8.


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