Enhancements in JAWS 14.0.3005

The following is a list of items addressed or added between the final JAWS 14.0.1823 release and the JAWS 14.0.3005 posting.




If text containing HTML tags is copied or cut to the clipboard, resolved an issue where it would not appear in the JAWS Clipboard Viewer (INSERT+SPACEBAR, C).


Improved JAWS announcements of ARIA live region updates in Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox.


Addressed issues with JAWS not always moving to the correct location on a Web page after pressing ENTER on a same page link in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.


When pressing INSERT+G to open the Graphics Labeler, resolved a customer reported issue where the Graphics Labeler dialog box was not being automatically read by JAWS if opened from Internet Explorer.


JAWS now includes a Norwegian braille table for properly showing text in the Norwegian language on a braille display. To switch braille tables, open the Options menu from the JAWS main window, select Braille to open the Braille Basic Settings dialog box, and then navigate to the Translation Table combo box.


Issues with JAWS not reading unicode characters correctly when Windows is set to various system locales have been addressed.


The INSERT+WINDOWS Key+C command now appends selected text in HTML documents to the Clipboard even when selecting text using a mouse.




The JAVA topic in the JAWS help system has been updated with the latest information on installing JAVA and enabling the Access Bridge.


JAWS tutorial help messages are now spoken in JAVA applications if JAWS is set to announce menu and control help.


Addressed an issue with JAWS not properly announcing the correct value in slider controls in JAVA applications.


Resolved a customer reported issue where text in read-only edit fields was not being read automatically as expected on 32-bit versions of Windows 7.


Addressed a customer reported issue where JAWS would not always announce dialog box information in certain JAVA environments.


Resolved customer reported issues using JAWS to navigate tables in JAVA applications.


Microsoft Excel


When pressing CTRL+SHIFT+S to move to a specific worksheet, the currently active worksheet is now the selected item in the list of worksheets.


If you press INSERT+ENTER or INSERT+DELETE to have JAWS announce the total sum of the current column or row, resolved an issue where the sum information was not announced if the active cell is after the cell containing the autosum formula.


Pressing CTRL+INSERT+F2 twice quickly while on a cell containing a formula now shows the formula in the Virtual Viewer.


If the spellchecker finds an error that has no suggestions, resolved an issue where JAWS would not announce the error and that there are no suggestions.
Microsoft Internet Explorer


Addressed reported issues using F8 to select the contents of various elements on Web pages such as tables and lists.


Addressed a customer reported issue with JAWS not reading layout tables correctly on certain Web sites.


Microsoft Outlook


When pressing LEFT or RIGHT ARROW to move between days in the Outlook 2013 calendar, resolved an issue where the current view information was being announced instead of the number of appointments for the current day.


Resolved multiple issues where JAWS was not reading and navigating appointment information as expected when pressing TAB in the Outlook 2013 calendar.


Addressed an issue where you could not navigate by paragraph in a virtualized message in Outlook 2013.


Addressed an issue where too much information was being announced when focused on a message that you have replied to in the message list in Outlook 2007.


If JAWS encounters a graphic in an e-mail message while navigating by line, resolved an issue where the message would visually scroll back to the top while the Virtual PC Cursor remained at the current location. The Virtual PC cursor and visual focus should always be together as you navigate.


If a calendar event is open in Outlook 2013, resolved an issue where the JAWS commands to read message headers (ALT+1 through ALT+9) were not working.


After attaching a file to an Outlook 2013 message, if you press SHIFT+TAB to move to the attachments list, resolved an issue where JAWS was not announcing the selected attachment.


Microsoft Word


Resolved an issue where changes in indentation were not being indicated as expected while navigating a document.


Mozilla Firefox


Resolved an issue with JAWS not identifying all of the links on certain Web pages. JAWS would indicate more available links when opening these same pages in Internet Explorer.


Resolved issues selecting text in the CKEditor Web application.


Mozilla Thunderbird


Resolved an issue where pressing INSERT+UP ARROW from the suggestions list of the spell checker was not reading the currently selected item.


When deleting an open message with the DELETE key, resolved an issue where JAWS was speaking the current character before the message was deleted.


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