Education Queensland Implements Statewide Software Options

Through the More Support for Students with Disabilities initiative, Education Queensland (EQ) has recently purchased District Licences of JAWS and MAGic software to support students with low vision and blind students across Queensland state schools.


JAWS is screen reading software intended for use by blind students. MAGic is screen magnification software with speech intended for use by students with low vision. Both products are made by Freedom Scientific and are highly compatible with each other; a real benefit when a student needs to transition from MAGic to JAWS.


There are a number of ways in which state-wide licences can be implemented, and EQ has chosen a ‘single user configuration’. In this model, the vision support teacher sends an email request for a student to have either program installed on the computers that will be used by the student. IT staff then install the requested software on-line, and this happens overnight. The student is then ready to go the next day.


When the student leaves the reverse process takes place, and the licences are retrieved and made available to the next student who requests them. The process is managed centrally by EQ’s IT department.


EQ is placing high importance on supporting teachers and professional training in the use of the software will be provided through a series of web conferences and workshops within each region of the state.


For more information, the contact person at EQ is Jeff Souter, Assistive Technology Project Officer, More Support for Students with Disabilities on email