Donald Withers Testimonial

Donald Withers usiung his OrCam

“My central vision is affected by Macular Degeneration. That has been evident for some twenty five years up till now.

In April 2019 I purchased from Quantum at Thornleigh a “Reading Machine” (the OrCam MyEye) that helps me to overcome those feelings of frustration and isolation, thereby bringing about a remarkable improvement in my quality of life and to such an extent that I have succeeded in compiling “Donald’s story” of 11255 words all about my experience of 41 years suffering from Schizophrenia, eventually leading to a full recovery.

The machine played a major part in the final outcome of “Donald’s story”. The reviews have been very encouraging. The after sales service provided by Rebecca was greatly appreciated. A very pleasant lady and very good at her job. Thank you Rebecca.”