Do you own WYNN 7? Time for your free update!

The Learning Systems Group of Freedom Scientific, Inc., developer of literacy software designed to create custom learning environments for struggling students, announced today that the industry-leading WYNN™ software has added support for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.


In addition to Windows 8, WYNN will also work with Intel-based tablets running Windows 8, such as those from Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and others. Since these tablets took top honors at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, the latest update continues WYNN’s support for cutting-edge technology. “We are proud to offer these updates for our customers,” said Beth Thomlinson, Product Manager for Literacy Products. She continued, “We are committed to supporting the latest products in a timely manner.”


The new release is available as an update, so current users of WYNN 7 can get the newest version for free without needing to re-install the product.


We strongly recommend that you update your copy of WYNN right away to be sure you get the latest enhancements. You can easily do that within WYNN by going to “Check for Updates” in the Help menu. The update process takes only a few minutes. Note that you will be required to reboot your computer after the update is done. The new version is WYNN 7.0.84.


In addition to support for Windows 8, this release of WYNN has other exciting enhancements. Below is a list of some of the enhancements in WYNN 7 since the initial release last fall.

– New version of the Freedom Import Printer that will work better with Windows 7 and 8.

– Upgrade of underlying support for and Gutenberg downloads. Note that Bookshare will soon remove support for its older version, so we strongly recommend you install this new version so students do not experience any interruptions in the ability to download Bookshare books. We also removed Baen from the list of supported sites for Book Search, since Baen is reconstructing their library and no longer supports the downloads that WYNN performs.

– Template files can now be stored in several places, and WYNN will still find them when opening PAL documents. 

– New changes that make network silent installs more smooth and straightforward.

– Enhanced the user experience when multiple Freedom Scientific products are installed.


If you want a new WYNN DVD to replace your current copy, contact Customer Service to request that one be mailed to you. You can contact Customer Service at 1300 883 853 or 02 9479 3100 or by email at Be sure to include your serial number in your communications.


If you have any technical questions about WYNN, please contact our dedicated Software Support Hotline on 1300 791 777 or