Connect your Mountbatten to an iPad!


The Mountbatten LS has a new feature, Bluetooth!! Thanks to this addition your Mountbatten can now talk with a variety of iOS devices.


Picture of  Mountbatten LS with Bluetooth

The Mountbatten can now communicate with iPads and iPhones!

New Mountbattens purchased in 2014 will have this capability built in, and any existing Mountbattens  (LS models) can have this feature installed as an up-grade. The cost for the up-grade is $565 plus installation.


With the Mountbatten Bluetooth Dongle you can magically convert your regular Mountbatten into a Bluetooth Smart device. Just install it at the back of your unit, upgrade the firmware and you’re good to go.


This new feature really brings interactive braille education into the 21st century.

Picture of Mountbatten Bluetooth Dongle