Commonlook Office

Accessible PDF from Word and Powerpoint

Accessible PDF from Word and Powerpoint



Commonlook Office enables anyone to create a PDF file that is fully accessible (compliant with WCAG2.0 standards).


Once installed it becomes an add-in for MS Office 2007 (WORD and PowerPoint) and above. It is quick and intuitive and can be used by teachers, lecturers, course designers as well as administrators and support staff. Importantly it doesn’t require any prior knowledge of PDF or accessibility.


Once you have created your document you use the Commonlook Office Wizard to guide you through the changes needed to make the document accessible. Accessibility becomes part of the authoring process, empowering everyone to be responsible about accessibility.


When you first get started a typical document of 5 pages would take less than 5 minutes to make accessible for all skill levels. The process is self-educating, leading to better authoring habits greatly reduced times to convert to an accessible PDF.


Standard MS Word styles are automatically mapped to appropriate PDF tags. Simple and complex tables are handled and support for headings, lists and more is all available.


CommonLook Office saves the document as a fully tagged and accessible PDF document that can be shared or placed on your website with full confidence that a screen reader user can access all the information it contains.


Commonlook Office is available for single users or can be deployed across networks. Trial versions are available for your evaluation.