Clover 10 – A New Mid-Sized Portable Video Magnifier

Clover 10 – A New Mid-Sized Portable Video Magnifier


The Clover 10 is a portable video magnifier that fits neatly between the Compact 7 (7 inch screen) and the Traveller (13 inch screen). When not in use it folds down into a neat flat pack design and comes with a protective carry case.


With a 10 inch screen it provides a good reading area while being small enough to easily carry around or slip into a briefcase.

It has a great magnification range, an easy switch between colour and high contrast viewing, and simple clear buttons.


Priced under $2000 it will be a great option for people who want a magnifier with them at all times.


Display:                      10.1 inch screen

Camera:                     12MP, auto focus

Magnification:         2.2x – 16x

Battery:                     3 hours continuous use; 5 hours charge

Power Adapter:       Input: 110-240V; Output: 5V/3A

Dimension:               245x200x22mm

Weight:                     680 g (incl Battery)