ClearView C is a Great Success!

Earlier this year we introduced the new range of desktop magnifiers known as the Clearview C. In a very short time they have become the most popular desktop magnifier in Australia.


ClearView C


The ClearView C desktop magnifiers come in many styles, because everyone is different. There are models for people with simple needs to use at home right through to more sophisticated models for use in employment and education.


Other suppliers will tell you that they have the best product. We will tell you that we have the biggest range of products and that before we recommend anything we will understand your needs and situation, and recommend the solution that best suits you.


There isn’t a product that suits everyone, so please  take the time to ring us and discover why  Quantum has become the largest supplier of vision aids in Australia.


It’s all about service; in your home or in one of our 5 showrooms, before you buy anything and well into the future.


“The new ClearView C Desk Magnifier has made an enormous difference to my life. I had not been able to read for 18 months but now I am able to read Bank Statements, Newsletters, Poetry and Crosswords.

 It has improved my quality of life and restored my independence. I just love the Clearview, my new companion and friend.”

Hazel Wright, June 2015


There are a wide range of prices and styles to suit every budget. Here are a few examples;

ClearView C Spectrum 22 – $3,985

ClearvView C Wideview 24 – $4,695

ClearView C Flex 22 – $3,735

ClearView C Speech – $6,965


We recommend that you trial the Clearview magnifiers in your own home. Give us a call.