Check Your PDF Documents for Accessibility

The PDF format is ubiquitous on websites around the world. In almost every economic sector PDF is uncontested as the “final-form” electronic document format in use today.


While its popularity has grown it has also proven challenging to make PDF documents accessible for people with a print disability who use screen readers and other assistive technology tools.


There are some people who respond to this situation by repeating the slogan “don’t use PDF”, but as a former prime minister found out, the repetition of simple slogans doesn’t solve complex issues. Organisations large and small still have to deal with and manage documents using the PDF format.


An exciting new tool has been released by Netcentric, developer of the Commonlook Accessibility tools. It is called PDF Validator and will enable anyone to quickly validate PDF document accessibility as part of a quality assurance process. CommonLook PDF Validator is easy to use and checks against several standards such as WCAG and PDF/UA. And it’s free!!


Click here to download your copy of Validator