Browsealoud – Making Your Website Talk and Translate

For every educational establishment, a website is the “front door” that most people first enter long before they physically enter your premises. Ensuring that you have an “accessible digital front door” is just as important as having buildings and campuses that are accessible to all.


Who needs to use your website?
In addition to students; parents, grandparents, prospective students, community sporting and cultural groups, neighbours and alumni all access your website. Have you considered their needs?



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Browsealoud is an Inclusive Digital Toolbox that you can add to your website ensuring that it is accessible to as many people as possible. For a modest cost you can add all of these functions;

– Text to Speech. Make your website talk and read out any text on the page.

– Translate. Have all of your web content automatically translated into 78 languages, 38 of which can also be spoken.

– Highlight spoken words. Help people track and follow along with the speech.

– Magnify. Magnify text as it is spoken.

– Simplify. Eliminate clutter and images to make pages simpler and easy to read.

– Convert to MP3. Enable people to capture large documents as spoken words to replay later on their mobile devices.


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Browsealoud helps you maintain an inclusive approach to the whole community and provides detailed information to website visitors in the most cost effective way.


Browsealoud is available for a free trial. Contact us for details on 1300 883 853 or