Better Start Funding

The Better Start Program is providing funding to families with eligible children enabling them to purchase services and products in the pre-school years.


To find out about eligibility, available funding and more details for the program visit


The Better Start Program is facilitated through The Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA). Providers of services have to be registered with FaHCSIA.

Recently Quantum has entered into a sub-contracting agreement with Can:Do4Kids to provide assistive technology assessment services for children and their families under Better Start. Can:Do4Kids have been providing a helping hand to South Australian children who are blind/vision impaired or deaf/hearing impaired since 1874 and are a registered provider for DisabilityCare as well as Better Start.

There are an increasing number of providers of Orthoptic Services for Better Start. Here are a few examples;


Kids Eye Gym was founded by Virginia McDonald and has been operating for two years, providing vision screening services for preschools, child care centers and schools. Orthoptic therapy and treatment programs such as patching/occlusion therapy and orthoptic exercises have helped numerous children, teachers and parents in both the local and school communities.



Kids Eye Gym is based in Bendigo Victoria and provides orthoptic services and the targeted interventions required to help children maximize their functional vision and live life to the fullest.



Virginia McDonald


Sarita Beukes is a Better Start Orthoptist who is head Orthoptist at Sydney Ophthalmic Specialists (SOS) in Sydney. SOS is a comprehensive ophthalmology specialist service that is renowned for its paediatric care and expertise. Located in the heart of Sydney, many families travel from all around NSW to attend the SOS clinic. Sarita pioneered the Better Start service provision at SOS in 2011, and has a particular interest in vision rehabilitation of children with low vision. Sarita is a member of Orthoptics Australia and is registered with the Australian Orthoptic Board.


Sarita Beukes


Tania Straga is a Better Start Orthoptist consulting at Vision SA in Kent Town, SA. She works closely with a neuro-ophthalmologist and paediatric ophthalmologist in the practice.  She is registered with the Australian Orthoptic Board and is a member of Orthoptics Australia. Tania works closely with your ophthalmologist, and in some cases optometrist, audiologist, occupational therapist or physiotherapist to tailor a treatment and/or management regime to your child’s specific needs.


Tania Straga