An Update for the Traveller HD

The Traveller HD has been very popular since it was introduced in 2015. With a large 13 inch screen it is the closest you can get to a desktop magnifier in a unit that is easily portable.


However, like most video magnifiers that rest on the page, reading a thick book could be a little difficult. The new optional reading stand overcomes this problem and enables books to be read in a similar way to a desktop video magnifier.


The Traveller has a design that is unique amongst all other portable magnifiers.


Once in place with a book underneath, the screen slides from side to side while the base remains stationary. This provides two very big advantages.


The first is that it is much easier to stay in line; it will track in nice straight lines. The second is that you can view from the left to the right of the line without having to move the unit.


If you are looking for a magnifier that you can easily fold and put away, the Traveller should definitely be on your ‘must see list’. It is perfect for people who travel a lot or have very limited table space.