Age is No Barrier

Majorie Ketteringham is a sprightly 94 year old who lives in an Aged Care facility on the NSW south coast. With Macular Degeneration progressing Majorie found she was struggling with a range of activities that were limiting her enjoyment of life.


Majorie Ketteringham enjoying her new MagniLink Zip magnifier - Image

Majorie Ketteringham enjoying her new MagniLink Zip magnifier- Image


After a visit from Low Vision Consultant Jeff Landers Marjorie trialled and then purchased a lightweight, foldable, electronic magnifier called the MagniLink Zip. This has been set up on an over-chair table provided by her Aged Care facility, enabling her to sit in her favourite comfy chair while reading.


Marjorie is now once again able to do her puzzles, read books and magazines, look at her old photo albums, read her knitting patterns and check for the occasional dropped stitch. Marjorie is living proof that you are never too old to start using modern vision aids.