Access all of Texthelp’s Read&Write programs now via one simple subscription

Texthelp’s popular Read&Write literacy and learning support toolbar has been available for many years as software for Windows and Mac computers. With the addition of the Read&Write for Google Chrome extension and the Read&Write app for iPad and Android tablets, there are now 22 million Read&Write users worldwide!


With so many schools moving to BYOD (Bring your own Device) technology initiatives, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a school to commit to using software on any single operating system or any single style of device. The line between supports needed on home-owned technology and school-owned technologies is also rapidly blurring.


So Texthelp has moved to accommodate these needs by making ALL of the Read&Write programs available as a simple single annual subscription.


This subscription ensures that your students have access to Read&Write on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac and Google Chrome) covering not only school-owned, but also home-owned devices (laptops, tablets and Chromebooks). It provides both online and offline versions of the program too, making this new subscription option great for areas where Internet access is not 100% reliable and for the times when students are away from an Internet connection.


And, of course, the benefit of a subscription model is that it future-proofs your investment. All versions of the Read&Write program covered by the subscription will be continually updated with new features. Compatibility with new operating system and browser releases will also be ensured.


No more inconvenience of having to chase up new versions of your software when you upgrade your IT systems. Your Read&Write subscription will guarantee your literacy support technologies are fully compatible with each of your new IT hardware and software upgrades.

No more “downtime” for students who rely on the powerful learning supports provided by Read&Write to independently complete their studies.

Read and Write program- Image



What’s in the Subscription Package?


Texthelp’s Read&Write subscription includes:

– Read&Write for Google Chrome (cross-platform extension for Google Chrome)

– Read&Write for Windows 11.5 software. School and Home Licence (can be used offline and is fully compatible with Office 365 and Windows 10)

– Read&Write for Mac 6.0 software. School and Home Licence (can be used offline and is compatible with latest Mac OS)

– Read&Write for iPad (iPad app)

– Read&Write for Android (Android tablet app)


The annual subscription cost for an individual is $300. School licensing options, however, can bring the annual pricing down to as little as $2.40 per student, depending on total student enrollment numbers. More detailed pricing and an official quote is available to schools on request.


This subscription will allow for any number of students, up to the full number of students enrolled, to be able to access the complete suite of Read&Write technologies both on school-owned computers/tablets and on home-owned computers/tablets.