About “WearAble” Technology

OrCam is the first of what is likely to be many new developments in WearAble technology, which is defined as technology that can be worn by the consumer.


Up till now, Low Vision devices were mostly held in the hand or used at a desk but by being “wearable” they can be used hands free wherever and whenever you need them.


OrCam is not a visual system; it does not magnify information. What it does is to help you to see in a different way and access any printed information via speech.


In the next edition of LiveWire Low Vision we will be introducing NuEyes, also a wearable technology that is designed for people that want a visual system; that will magnify objects and also help you to read by enlarging print.


OrCam and NuEyes are very different products and will be of interest to different people. Together they represent one of the most exciting developments in low vision innovation.


They are also both what Malcolm Turnbull would call “disruptive technology”, meaning they have the potential to change long standing traditions, and the expectations for how we adapt to life with impaired vision.


They are the beginning of a new way of looking at the world!