A New Portable Product

We constantly have a variety of products made available to us through the array of manufacturers we represent in the Australian and New Zealand markets. We often are conflicted when choosing if a product has a space in our range but more and more, we are seeing that many of these products offer a degree of flexibility not seen in other products. So it is with the Transformer.

Transformer HD magnifier

This is a camera on a stand which can connect to almost any screen to show the magnified and high contrast image or read the text aloud. It weighs only 1.56 kgs and takes up almost no space on a desk or table; all you need is a TV screen, computer or computer monitor, or even a tablet to access your printed documents and other articles.

Transformer Magnifier

When using your TV to show the image from the camera, you can read your mail, medication labels, perform craft activities. In short anything you can get in view of the camera will be magnified onto your TV screen. As the camera can swivel to any

position, you can also use the Transformer for personal grooming. If you are after the same capability but would like to listen to your documents, then you will need to connect the Transformer to a computer.

The Transformer is reasonably priced and in stock ready for you to try for yourself!

Please contact your local Consultant or call 1300 883 853 to organise a suitable time for a demonstration in your home or office.