A Magnifier That Talks To You

Many people with Low Vision will know that eye fatigue can be all too common. Well now there is a magnifier that will let you choose to have something read to you, rather than trying to read it yourself.


The Optelec ClearView+ Speech combines video magnification with accurate Text-to-Speech. It is easy to select what you want to read. Just point at the section on the screen and the ClearView+ Speech will read it for you.


ClearView Plus Speech



It still has the simple ‘One-Button” control for all your magnification needs. And when you are ready to listen, all you have to do is touch the screen and then sit back and enjoy listening to your magazine articles, letters and books.


A separate menu appears on the screen that allows you to choose which section of the page to read or you can just leave it to read the whole page. It is excellent for reading newspapers and magazines where you might want to jump from article to article.


The future is here!