90 Years Young and Reading Again!

Doug Watts is a 90 year young veteran who has discovered how low vision aids can transform your life.

Doug has Macular Degeneration, which was diagnosed around 10 years ago, and progressed to the point where he had to hand in his driving licence in July 2012. He was introduced to the ClearView+ range of products via his family doctor, the Department of Veterans Affairs and his local Quantum Low Vision consultant, Jeff Landers.


Prior to getting the ClearView+ magnifier, Doug had ceased reading novels and newspapers. He struggled with crosswords, reading bills and his telephone book. How that has changed after he received his ClearView+! In the last two years, Doug has read 24 novels, and is currently re-reading The Homebush Boy, by Thomas Keneally. Doug also grew up in the Homebush area and this book has rekindled many fond memories of his youth.


The ClearView+ has given Doug back complete reading independence, has increased the speed at which he reads as well as improved comprehension. He now shares books with his granddaughter which has created a special bond between them. He also has a grandson who leads an action packed life and Doug can now check out photos of his adventures that are stored on a mobile phone.





Doug still needed something to take with him when he was out and about. Jeff Landers worked with Doug and recommended the portable Compact 5HD which he can take with him to the shops.


Using both devices, Doug is able to live at home with minimal assistance. He shops, cooks, pays bills and tackles his daily Sudoku independently. He is able to read prescriptions and instructions for medication, read medical reports and converse with his medical specialists as an informed patient.


Thanks to the ClearView+, reading is once again a pleasure.